Top-Notch Tutoring, Highly Recommended


By James Stillwell on 05/25/2018 

   I arrived at Katy Test Prep to focus on improving my SAT score. Thanks to the wonderful tutoring of Mr. Kim, I was able to achieve a near perfect math score (760) and improved my total score from 1280 to 1440 in a span of 6 months. Mr. Kim’s methods we’re extremely accessible and beneficial to my test taking skills. This is a wonderful place to get tutoring whether it be math, English, etc. Would recommend. 

 By Prateek Mohan on  Sep/2018


Very organized and methodical! Lots of personal attention from Mr. Kim. Would give it more than 5 stars if I could.

               By  Faizan Asif  Sep/2018

 Katy Test Prep helped me with the SAT in a way no other classes could - tailoring their lessons to my style specifically to allow me to develop my own strategy rather than imposing their's on me. Because of them, I was able to jump scores I never thought possible. 

A Turoring Center That TRULY Works!


By Nicole C. on 03/25/2017 (published on RateABiz)

  We have finally found a good tutoring center! This center has helped my son a lot, Mr. Kim and his tutors are simply amazing people who really care about the kids and give efforts to help improving their grades. 

Friendly and Caring                 By J Kim on 02/22/2016 (published on RateABiz)

I struggled with my classes and my SAT preparation, so I sought out the help of KTP. I seemed to have plateaued and couldn't seem to get past that point, but KTP really helped me to get over it and keep on getting better with my SAT and PSAT scores and my schoolwork. They really focused on an individual plan to help me out and the director was really kind and friendly in determining a schedule that fit me and maximized my performance. My PSAT score was 20 points away from perfect and it was all with the help of KTP and the staff there that worked to help me out with a custom plan that focused on helping me out. I am very grateful for all the kind people that helped me out at KTP and brought me to where I am now!

Excellent Experience, Highly Recommended


By Marianella Franco on 01/12/2017 (published on RateABiz)

  I came as a new customer, and I received a great advice for my son. He not only learned a lot at the lessons received in preparation for the SAT, but got an outstanding improvement in his scores. Prof. Kim took the time to explain what he needed and he needed to work very hard. As a professor myself, I value the dedication, effort and kindness of all the teachers, that were able to get the best of my son. I appreciate the discipline and good message toward work that inspire the students at Katy Test Prep & more. Keep up the great job!

Got more than I expected from Mr Kim & KTP                      By Prisca Harper on 01/30/2016  (published on RateABiz)

 Because of time constraint I didn't have much expectation about KTP being able to do much to help my daughter pass her SAT. But Mr.. Kim made it work. My daughter enjoyed Mr. Kim's passion for maths and found it contagious. She liked his approach and care. It was a positive experience for her. I deeply regret not finding Mr. Kim much earlier. The money spent was worthwhile to help my daughter catch up & pass her SAT. I would recommend any parent to Mr. Kim, and not hesitate. I am a very satisfied parent. Prisca 

Reached Our Goal


By Deborah Maganza on 12/08/2016    (published on RateABiz)

We thought my daughter had potential to do well on the PSAT and reach National Merit Scholar Finalist but she needed help in math. She started tutoring at KTP in the summer and then again when school started. Mr. Kim was patient and knowledgeable and fully understood the goal ... a good score on the test! He gave many practice tests, assessed the mistakes and gave her instruction in the specific areas she needed help in; no wasted time on things she already knew! She also received some writing help from KTP tutors and feels that helped her greatly. She was able to meet with several instructors and liked them all and felt they were knowledgeable on their subject and able to teach. She got a 1500 on the new SAT that she took in early November and we are waiting for the PSAT scores but feel very confident that she attained her goal. That would not have been possible without the work she put in at KTP.  



By John Kurihara on 11/13/2016  (published on RateABiz)

   I have been attending tutorials here for many years for school work and SAT. School work wise the tutors really take their time in order for you to understand the material. SAT wise, their approach is truly amazing as it helped me improve from a 1240 to a 1390 on the new SAT. Mr. Kim is a smart and responsible person who pushes you when you don't take action yourself. I recommend Katy Test Prep because they are really flexible and truly want to help you. I am really thankful for Mr. Kim's help because without him I wouldn't have been able to reach my goal.

Excellence                       By Daniel Lee on 01/25/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

Unlike other academies, the teachers are their truly for the student's. Often I have found that teachers will just follow the course guidelines and do nothing else for the students. And in the end, the students learn nothing. However, at Katy Test Prep the teachers really try to relate to the students, and put extra effort to get the students involved with the educative materials. I would recommend this academy to any parent interested in getting their child excited about learning.


Love It!!


By Laura Ahn on 09/02/2016    (published on RateABiz)

 I am currently a student here and I have learned so much. Katy Test Prep catered to my learning style, drilled down what I was having trouble with, and taught me how to apply my knowledge. I have been flying through my classes with confidence and doing well because of what I have gained here. Truly love this place. Mr. Kim is so hip too! 10/10 Would recommend!! 

Simply the BEST         By Aryan Parikh on 11/22/2018 

 Katy Test prep is undoubtedly the best option for all your test prep needs. Because of the small sized sessions,(1-2 students) I was able to get the personalized attention I needed to succeed on the SAT. The sessions were personalized to my needs and helped me improve in the areas where I needed the improvement. This is something that you just can’t get in a large group prep course. The tutors are well qualified, approachable, and very extremely helpful in helping you with whatever you may need. In addition, they keep track of your progress and create specific lesson plans based on areas where the students needs the most help. With Mr. Kim and Jonathan’s help, I was able to get the score increase I wanted, I would definitely recommend their services!