SAT/PSAT Intensive Prep

SAT/PSAT Prep (Summer)

5 weeks


9am - 1pm (2hr Eng+2hr Math)

120hrs (* flexible based on each students level)

SAT/PSAT Prep (Winter)

2 weeks

Mon ~ Sat 

9am - 1pm (2hr Eng+2hr Math)

Writing / Grammar

Timed Essay Writing (40 hrs)

Grammar (40 hrs)

Good preparation for essay writing contests.

Pre-Calculus, Calculus

Katy ISD curriculum

Do you have your own book? Bring it.

Math Competition

Bring your good friend. We make a class with you two. Then we can do a lot faster. You have 2 friends? Sure. We offer discounted rate.

What kind of class do YOU want?

We can create a class tailored to your needs and goals.